Traditional dating in chile

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The use of cellular phones and social media has changed verbal and nonverbal communication.

Cellular phones are ubiquitous and people are expected to be engaged and active in social media for work and personal matters. However, the use of indirect, non-verbal communication is common at work.

Their tendency to speak in slang can be confusing, even for those who speak very good Spanish.

They will be more than happy to explain their unique words and phrases so don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t understand.

Chileans can appear to prefer talking rather than listening as they try to demonstrate their familiarity with certain topics.

When a drink is offered always accept and choose among the ones available.

Refusing a drink is impolite and may negatively impact first impressions.

Good conversation topics include family, sports, travel, cuisine and wines.

Chileans are very interested in world travel as they have increasing opportunities to go abroad for business and pleasure.

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