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Lovoo creates a social atosphere that is great for flirting and getting to know others.Bringing people together is the app's main aim: the rest is up to you!Facebook is about maintaining existing contacts while concentrates on making new contacts - primarily singles, of course.;) The site is an absolute success and ultramodern - you will be amazed.Al-Mutlaq alluded to a Prophetic saying that asserts that “a man and a woman cannot unite without having Satan in their midst” to drive home his point.He urged both men and women to avoid the pitfalls of sin, which violate religious codes of conduct.

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During the radio session, he cited incidents where women had virtually spoken to men on the Web to give advice on certain issues, only to have the men become attached to them. Al-Mutlaq’s advice evoked several varied responses on Twitter.

Most of the sheikh’s followers on Twitter are women who debated the content of his “fatwa” (edict).

Al-Mutlaq’s statements came in response to a question asked on a Qur’an radio station.

He said some of these chats may get very personal, leading to inappropriate topics of conversation.

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