Ross dating janice

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She's not sold on him initially, but Kate does eventually fall for Joey's charms.

Cons: She's dating someone else when they meet, and she still sleeps with Joey. Monica would never date someone just for the money, but Pete's persistence (combined with his ability to fly her to Rome) pays off in the end.

Dated: Joey and Ross Pros: Beautiful and brilliant.

She never made sense with Joey, but it was cute that he tried.

And if you can't tell the difference between the Buffay twins, you don't really deserve to date either of them.

Dated: Joey Pros: She and Joey have natural chemistry, appearing together in a play.

It covers a broad range of episodes, from the most comedically brilliant, to the most emotional, to the most iconic.

She and Ross, on the other hand, were perfect for each other. But it's not like you'd turn down Greg Kinnear either.

Again, it was nice to see him date an intellectual equal. Dated: Rachel Pros: He has a vulnerability that makes him sweet. I mean, he must if he hired her as his personal shopper.

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It's hard to figure out which episode of #Friends is the best.

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