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Many of the people who saw his much-praised performance in The Crucible \u201cwere shocked that I was about a foot taller than the rest of the cast.

They thought were going to see a little person toddling around the stage.\u201d\u003Cbr \/ Instead, they saw a mighty performance that this paper\u2019s five-star review called \u201cgruff\u201d and \u201cpassionate\u201d.

\u201c My career will always be a slow burn,\u201d he says.

\u201c I look at people that get fast-tracked and suddenly explode and think: \u2018What does that feel like?

\u201c There are far fewer choices than you would think.\u201d\u003Cbr \/ His fear of typecasting is paradoxically enhanced by his reluctance to turn things down, so strong are his memories of the time when he didn\u2019t have that luxury.

There were the musical theatre roles that he played at the start of his career: Cats, Annie Get Your Gun, 42nd Street: \u201c What the hell am I doing here? Then, when he moved to TV, his propensity to smoulder briefly had him pigeonholed as male totty: a hunky swimming instructor in Cold Feet, Dawn French\u2019s love interest in The Vicar of Dibley.

But, he says, \u201c You get to a certain age when you\u2019re not totty anymore. And you think, I want to be totty now.\u201d\u003Cbr \/ Don\u2019t believe a word of it.

The number of smitten tributes on You Tube demonstrates that Armitage remains a proper pin-up, and subject to a bewildering array of fabricated online speculation.

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Richard III, meanwhile, was our last king to die in battle, as Thorin does in Tolkien\u2019s novel (but not necessarily in the forthcoming final Hobbit film, The Battle of the Five Armies \u2014 more of which later).\u003Cbr \/ And Iron Maiden?Well, the 43-year-old Armitage is also a practitioner of a technique that you might call \u201cmixtape method acting\u201d.Before he plays a role he compiles a selection of music that helps him get into character. \u201c Philip Glass, some Iron Maiden, Arvo P\u00e4rt, Kings of Leon,\u201d he says.Next on his slate are Urban, a drama in which he plays a social worker; Sleepwalker, a Memento-style thriller.\u201c I love that you call them choices,\u201d he laughs.

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