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Giggle PEDIA is connected with a secret camera in a public shower facility located somewhere in North Carolina.

If by any chance, the player enters any convenience store and there's no clerk, the player can shoot both tills, take the money and won't get any wanted level.A decent getaway car is therefore highly recommended, especially if the player decides to shoot at the police which results in a three-star wanted level.Should the shopkeeper be killed before giving the player the money as some will refuse to hand over the money and sometimes, after being robbed several times, will even pull a gun out- leaving the player no choice but to shoot the shopkeeper.At Giggle PEDIA we will keep the secret, watch as long as you want and nobody will come to know or complain!But if the word goes out, then we might have to close down this page.

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    Their front page previews the online broadcasters and sorts them by the most amount of users watching each.