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Creating wx Enum Property is slightly more complex than those described earlier.

You have to provide list of constant labels, and optionally relevant values (if label indexes are not sufficient).

My problem is that I have property grid with bottom toolbar and there I have button (Update) and it is problem when I change value in propertygrid combo and then immediately hit 'Update button', it has binded action, which calls get Source() but it gets old value of combo, not new...

When in property grid is some property item set for ex.List of ready-to-use property classes include strings, numbers, flag sets, fonts, colours and many others.It is possible, for example, to categorize properties, set up a complete tree-hierarchy, add more than two columns, and set arbitrary per-property attributes.As this version of wx Property Grid has some backward-incompatible changes from version 1.4, everybody who need to maintain custom property classes should carefully read final section in Changes from wx Property Grid 1.4. Only the first function argument (label) is mandatory.Second one, name, defaults to label and, third, the initial value, to default value.

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