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Meanwhile, Joe refuses to buy Bill a voice alternator machine and tries to pull a Mac Gyver and [...] (More)Matthew wants to learn how to be a gambler so he can be one of the guys, and Joe tries to teach him a lesson but ends up taking all his money because Matthew is the absolute worse when it comes to betting.

Meanwhile, Jimmy passes on to Dave the "honor" of introducing Bill on a broadcasters society event.

Lisa and Matthew warn her that the only reason he picked her is because she wore a very sexy blue dress at the Christmas party, which proves to be true when Bill asks her to wear it on the luncheon.

Turns out Dave never actually broke up with her, and now Lisa fears she might do something after Nancy threats her.

Joe and Dave act like dorks whenever the elevator stops and there are models inside, and Joe won't let Dave quiet until he fixes him up with one of the models. Meanwhile, Bill thinks someone's after him and buys a stun gun made by [...] (More)The office is being set up with mousetraps, but the staff asks Dave to get rid of them in order to spare Mike, the office's rat mascot.

That doesn't look too good for Lisa, who's getting tired of having to hide their relationship. At first disgusted with the idea of keeping a rodent around the office, Dave eventually agrees with them.

When a subway train gets derailed, Dave tries to get the staff to cover the accident, but they're much more concerned about getting new desks, since Matthew got one after having dinner with Dave. James assigns Dave the task of doling out the annual bonuses.

Dave tries to show that Matthew is not his favorite and getting a new desk was not a privilege, but it's hard to prove so after Jimmy orders new desks for everyone. Each staffer gets the standard 0 bonus except for two, one of who receives a ,000 'Big Bonus', the other gets 'The Shaft'.

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