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Your ego will continue to control you, your insecurities will fester and your dating life will worsen.But by taking action right now, this second, you're taking the first steps to gaining control over your ego, getting outside of your head, and experiencing the women you want on the terms you want.Most women, for example, would love the idea of a man they just met taking them out shopping. Women are attracted to men who are the Prize, not human lapdogs.But taking a woman shopping will put any attraction she felt toward you on its deathbed. Attraction is not about appealing to what women prefer or about filling the quota for what they judge as attractive in a man.Women prefer men sporting Kobe Bryant's physique, Johnny Depp's Face, Bill Gates' bank account, Barry White's voice, and Ron Jeremy's schlong.Most men, alas, aren't all these qualities rolled up into one pretty little package.

Now and then some of the qualities women prefer or look for in a man will actually PREVENT them from feeling attraction toward a man.This is a big part of having Prizability with women.Not knowing how to establish yourself as a Prize women want is letting your reality swindle you out of the success with women you could be having. Become, instead, the master of your reality by learning the shortcut secrets for defining the underlying meaning of every interaction you have with a woman as you being the Prize she's compelled to win over by downloading a copy of my book right now.Studies show, when people procrastinate, more often than not, they NEVER take action.If you don't take action right now, there's a good chance you'll never take action.

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