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Comedian TJ Huberg talks with Dana and Marrie about growing up gay in small-town Iowa, the unique (or not-so-unique) problems GLBTQI couples face, and shares her awesome wit and sense of humor. Dana and Marrie talk with Tyler Durman about his battles with OCD, intimacy, and how an affair led to homelessness and suicidal tendencies.

He shares his redemptive path to authentic relationships and love. Semira Bayati chats with Marrie Stone and Dana Floris about plastic surgery.

Your estrogen and testosterone levels have been declining for years.

Your libido will change and you’ll experience vaginal dryness.

If those don’t help, you need to speak with your clinician about other options.

You can visit Find My to learn more about female sexual dysfunction.

When you are finished recording, tap “Back” to go back.4.

Receiving messages Tap “Save” to save changes to your profile.

You can send a “Ping” to notify them that you like their message.

While “baby” app is up and running, your recorded message will be sent to people nearby you.

Only people of your preferred gender will receive your message.

Try using a silicone-based personal lubricant if you have issues related to vaginal dryness.

You can also try olive oil or coconut oil, so long as you aren’t using latex products.

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