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NICOLAS: What is kind of hard for me is to play the tough guy jerk that does not care sometimes, because I do tend to be more emotional, and that is easier for me.I have to go someplace and pull from something to be who James really is, which is somebody with a bad past, and who is tough on the inside and out.

So I don’t know if it’s as much that Ford is being redeemed, as much as it is explaining to people why he is the way he is. MICHAEL: Did you know when you came back to the show earlier this year, that you would then have a brother, James, added into the mix? We were actually shooting scenes in the episode that featured the band They performed on our show.MICHAEL: Nicolas, did you screen test with Kristen Alderson (Starr) or David when you landed the role of James?NICOLAS: I originally tested for a role that was not for Ford’s brother, James. (Laughs) MICHAEL: When you look at David now, do you see how you two guys could be brothers? When I am on set and watching the show, I will go, “Oh that’s me, and then I go, never mind!And that was the day that our EP Frank Valentini, came up to me and said, “You are going to get a brother.” I was really excited about that.Then, once Ford ended up in the hospital, Frank says, “Oh yeah, you might have another one, too.” And I went, “What?

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