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Hencha was very careful not to name the boyfriend that she claims Claudia stole from her during the confrontation in Episode 2.Hints have been dropped that this drama isn’t over yet and that fans may learn the identity of Hencha’s ex-boyfriend in an upcoming episode.According to Claudia, the whole drama over her stealing Hencha’s man is just a huge misunderstanding.It’s safe to assume that Claudia was telling the truth about just how little her fling with whoever it was meant to her.Julius and Lia will both share parental responsibility in making decisions involving their son’s health, doctors, schooling, religion and recreational activities.In regards to child support, Julius will temporarily pay ,000 a month in child support to his baby mama beginning on November 1st, 2016.RELATED: Julius Peppers Confirmed it Was His College Transcript That Ended up Online.

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Back in 2014, it was reported that Julius left his baby mama before she gave birth to their son and was out with a model on vacation shortly after the break-up.So who is this mystery guy who broke Hencha’s heart and immediately jumped ship to spend time with Claudia?So far, his identity hasn’t been revealed, but that didn’t stop us from trying to figure out which of Hencha’s men it may have been.Based on a recent Twitter war between the two, Glen is arguing that he didn’t actually date Hencha.There is a bit of dirt on the Hencha and Glen hookup, though.

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