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Even if you use it on a daily basis, Whats App is packed with lots of handy, little-known features you might not be familiar with. Both a blessing and a curse, Whats App’s ticks-based system shows when your sent messages have been delivered (one grey tick), received (two grey ticks) and read (two blue ticks).

Unfortunately, it also makes it tough to ignore somebody without upsetting them.

The app has developed dramatically since it emerged almost a decade ago, picking up the ability to transfer files and make voice and video calls – all now core features – along the way.

More useful than SMS, slicker than Hangouts and easier to use than Skype, it's no wonder Whats App is the number one communications service of choice for hundreds of millions of smartphone users.

There are also other online storage services such as Dropbox, i Cloud and MEGA for backing up your important files, but none of them have an unlimited free storage option.

If you consider yourself a PC gamer you probably have a pretty big library of video games on Steam.

But there remain some UFO hunters who are making outlandish claims that this is evidence aliens once visited Earth, or that it could prove that time travel does exist Conspiracy theorists say that there have been several discoveries of out-of-place archaeological artifacts, such as the ones pictured, that challenge history.

Should you want an offline, searchable copy of Wikipedia for personal use or if society collapses, you can download it to keep it safe on a hard drive or the little thumb drive you carry around. Be sure to look up how to open and read the Wikipedia download as there are a number of tools available that will make sense of the database.

Google will give you unlimited cloud storage space if you use its Google Photos app on i OS or Android.

There are many extremely popular online video games you can download that are free to play.

Some of these games are pretty massive in size though, so an unlimited download cap and super fast 4G speeds might work to your advantage.

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