Dive into the pool dating

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Or perhaps you want a gentle, refreshing, yet effective way to work out.Pool running, whether in shallow or deep water, can do the trick.If you have ever tried to run or walk quickly to get out of a pool, then you have had the opportunity to experience the difficulty of moving fast in water.

You can vary your workout and increase the intensity by adding arm and leg movements.Choose this type of workout when looking to avoid jarring and high-impact activities, when you want to add a little variety to your cross-training routine, or when you want to perform a cardiovascular routine that will also enhance leg strength.Footwear is suggested for pool walking and pool running.It is an effective aerobic workout, certainly gets your heart rate up, pumps your muscles, and will leave you feeling as though you've had a full-body massage!Pool running is a wonderful alternative to running on land.

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