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Sexual liberation became the magazine's mantra. Today, the 3 million women who subscribe to or who pick it up in the supermarket checkout line may have never heard about Pope John Paul II's “Theology of the Body,” about the nuptial meaning of the body, or about the blessed joy that comes in making a lifelong commitment in marriage. In August 2016, told the story of Margaret, a 79-year-old virgin, who was marrying her fiance Henry, age 85, in her local Catholic church.The elderly couple, while deeply in love, planned to delay their first sexual encounter until after the wedding.

All of me is His.” Carmen Briceno has been a consecrated virgin for seven years.But whether is publishing the story simply to test the market, or because the magazine's editors can see the value in these personal accounts of virtue and chastity, there will be some among their readers who are deeply touched, and who will come to see that “real love” is built not on short-term pleasure but on faith and trust and commitment.Some readers will linger wistfully, praying to God with an unfamiliar fervor. Briceno was drawn to consecrated virginity because of its beautiful, ancient roots.“In the early church,” Carmen explained, “...women made private vows to belong fully to Christ and not marry.

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