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I was born and raised in Taiwan, but have lived in Paris for the last 30 years. My name is Angeline and I am from Quezon City, Philippines.

divorced, have two adult sons, both are computer engineers and independent. I joined to this social/dating site in hope that I would find the right guy for me.

As a result, this creates a feeling of impunity and "nurseries" to facilitate trafficking generate around the brothels.

However, many brothels operate on this street and 20 are active in 12 protected buildings, which is prohibited by law.

Besides the illegal brothels, an increase of women who offer themselves on the street, is being registered.

It should be noted that in 2011 the municipal police had issued each month about 10 orders to close brothels.

Of these, only about 40 percent were performed because of ambiguities in the law, which allows appeal of those orders if taken to court.

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