Advice for dating a leo

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Still, he does like romantic gestures and shows of affection that are genuine. The Leo man is not perfect, although he’d like to be.In truth, he can be a bit eccentric and somewhat self-important.Leo wants a companion to share life with who puts him above anyone else. His favorite part of a relationship is when it’s new and exciting, and ideally he’d like to keep that feeling alive for as long as possible.

If you are looking to date one, it takes a little effort.

You’ll drive him crazy like catnip if you walk into a room and steal the spotlight from him.

He’ll have to know who the amiable, magnetic head turner is.

Play your cards right and you’ll be welcomed into that den.

Planning Dates Supporting Him Emotionally Maintaining the Relationship Community Q&A Some believe astrological signs can dictate personality.

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